Knee Pain and Treatment

If ache and stiffness make it hard to straighten the knee, you may stroll with a limp and locate it tough to squat or climb stairs.

Answers: when experiencing knee ache, you have to relaxation together with your knee instantly and your heel propped up. Use a cane within the hand contrary the affected knee whilst walking, particularly on choppy surfaces, or mountaineering stairs. A physical therapist can work with you to bolster the quadricep muscle mass for knee assist.


One exercising to attempt: Lie on your returned with one leg bent and the opposite immediately. Tighten the muscle tissues of the straightened leg and lift your leg to the level of your different knee. Slowly lower. carry out 10 repetitions, and then transfer legs. Repeat two greater instances and practice at least once every day.


• NSAIDs are commonly used for knee pain, arthritis, tendonitis.

• For ongoing pain or swelling corticosteroid injections may be given.

• Use calcium and vitamin D supplements.