Five Best Kitchen Hacks that will make your life easier.

1. If the spices burn even a little due to carelessness, then the whole curry becomes bad. In such a case, transfer the remaining spices to a clean pot and then add one teaspoon of peanut butter per cup of gravy. Cook again, the curry will not taste burnt.

2. Keep any raw fruit like mango in a paper bag with an apple overnight. Ethylene gas released from apples will ripen the unripe fruit overnight.

3. If you have leftover boiled rice, make a pudding with a little ground cinnamon, butter, sugar and milk to make more delicious.

4. Whenever you want to make ice cream, always make it in large quantities and put it in small plastic bags and freeze it, then whenever you want to make soup or vegetables, take it out of the freezer bag as needed and use it.

5. If lumps of brown sugar form, put a piece of fresh bread or a piece of apple in the jar, lumps will not form. Similarly, if a jar of brown sugar is kept in the freezer, then lumps will not form in it.